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What is an Affiliate Program

During Open Beta test we offer a 3% referral commission for deposits made by your direct referrals. Later our affiliate program will be extended to multi-level structure and the commission size will become higher and more advantageous for investors.

How it works?

An upline receives referral commission only when the funds were brought into our system from an external source and were not gained from investing or referral accruals.

An upline receives referral commission in the following situations:
1. his referral made a deposit directly from external payment processor.
2. his referral refills balance and then makes a deposit from account balance with the same/lesser amount he used for refilling.

An Upline is not eligible for a referral reward when:
1. his referral reinvests his principal deposit once it was returned to balance or uses his accruals for reinvesting.
2. his referral reinvests his referral accruals from account balance.

For example, you already have an active deposit of $100 and once it ends and the principal deposit is returned you have $115 on your account balance ($100 as principal and $15 net profit). Then decide to make a reinvestment. However, you refill that amount with $10 more and make new deposit of $125 total. However, your upline will receive referral commission of $0.30 only from those $10 as this money was transferred from an external source and not from our system.

Here at 8bit you can earn even without spending a cent. Promote your referral link, attract as many investors as you can and get rewarded.

We offer a 3% affiliate program in an Open Beta. It means that anyone who has registered at our site using your referral link and made a deposit, automatically brings you 3% of that deposited amount.
Suppose you share your reflink with your friend. He registers at our site using it and makes a deposit of $1000. Once he does, you get $30 as a referral reward. Pretty awesome, isn't it?
A new multi-level referral system is going to be implemented later along with enhanced new features, rewards and bonuses.

Your personal referral link is displayed in your backoffice. Basically it looks like this:

https://8bit.ltd/c/register/yourusername or https://8bit.ltd/?u=yourusername

Both link formats are valid.
When you attract enough number of referrals, you can get a pretty decent profit. Users can use any means of communication for promoting their referral links and our website: forums, posts on social media, videos, advertisements.
But remember: 8bit administration does not tolerate spamming.

Consider these methods of professional promotion:

- Email sending;
- Building Landing pages;
- Posting on Social media;
- Making videoreviews;
- Launching viral ad campaigns.

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