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How To Make a Deposit from The Account Balance

Making a Deposit from Your Account Balance

Why would I use a deposit from balance option?

This way of investing can get quite handy in cases when the site opens a limited investment plan with huge benefits. For instance, this limited plan may be open for a couple of hours only or there might be only certain amount of deposits allowed to be made on this plan.
It is widely known that transfers involving cryptocurrencies often may require some time for confirming the transaction. And in situations where each second counts no one wants to depend on some delays in order to confirm the operation.

That's when a deposit from balance option is needed the most. You can fund your balance in advance in order to have certain amount for special occasion. When everyone runs around scared of missing the opportunity to make deposit under favorable conditions you can be calm and invest without any hassle.

In addition, you don't always have to withdraw funds to your e-wallet once you receive new accruals to the balance. Sometimes it is okay to keep the profit on balance in order to re-invest it without having to wait transfer confirmation like in regular crypto transactions.

How to make a deposit from your account balance

First you need to refill an account balance.

- Go to your client area and press "Refill balance" button

- Select desired payment method from the drop-down menu
- Indicate a desired amount of refill
- Press 'Refill' button

- Follow on-screen instructions, transfer funds and wait them to to be credited to your account balance
Your account balance is funded

Now you can make a deposit

- Go to your client area and press "Make deposit" button

- Select desired payment method from the drop-down menu. Be sure to scroll down till "From balance" section, you'll see your payment method and available amount in the parentheses
- Indicate a desired deposit amount

- Press 'Deposit' button

- Follow on-screen instructions, transfer funds and wait the deposit to be activated in your account
Your deposit is made

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