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How To Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a modern age digital currency. It is easy-to-use and accessible payment method. Using BTC you can perform purchases and receive transfers.
To start using BTC you need to register a BTC wallet in the first place. Two of the most recommended BTC services are Blockchain and Coinbase services.

Step 1: Registering a Bitcoin wallet, a storage where your bitcoins are kept.
Some people have e-wallets stored on their PCs. We recommend using online wallets; it is easy, comfortable and does not require to lose time being bound to your computer.
Now let's see how you can easily register your online wallet:

Register your account here: https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/signup
Fill in the form, accept current Terms of Service by ticking the checkbox and press 'Continue'.
Visit your inbox email and confirm the registration. Once you are logged into your Blockchain account, get your wallet ID from confirmation letter you just received from Blockchain, note it down.
Go to Settings->Addresses. Press '+Add' button below 'My Bitcoin Wallet' section to create your first BTC wallet. Set label for your wallet (e.g. 'mywallet'), then click 'Manage' on the left. Press '+Add Next address'. Then you will get your first BTC address. It looks like this: 1Ma8vmydfFWuCrfCzUToVQ5BeE1StRLBwT
Save this address, you will need it to receive money from others.

Register your account here: https://www.coinbase.com/signup
Fill in the form, press continue. Check your email, click verification link from the incoming message received from Coinbase. You'll be redirected to your Coinbase account. Press 'Wallet address' link at the right top corner and you'll see your BTC address.
It looks like this: 1Ma8vmydfFWuCrfCzUToVQ5BeE1StRLBwT Save this address, you will need it to receive money from others.

Step 2: Purchasing bitcoins.
For instance, Coinbase allows connecting your bank account or credit/debit card to your Coinbase account to buy/sell cryptocurrency.
Alternatively, you can always use online markets and exchanger services to buy BTC using conventional payment methods like bank transfers or using credit/debit card.

Main websites for online exchange:


Just select a payment method which you would like to use and follow on-screen instructions. Wait until the exchange is over and the funds are delivered to your BTC wallet.
Step 3: Congratulations! You are ready to go! Now you can start investing at our platform.


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