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Profits: Investing Vs. Balance Interest

Difference between Investment Package and Accumulative Balance Interest

Among various money-making methods here in 8bit you can use your funds to get additional profit.

First of all, you can invest funds and get interest accruals.
Secondly, you can keep funds at your 8bit account balance and get rewarded for that, basically using 8bit platform as a savings account with accumulative balance interest.

By investing you deposit your funds for a term of up to 24 months and get accruals up to 0.6% daily. While the funds are invested you cannot withdraw them until the investment period is over.

On the other hand, using Accumulative Balance Interest option you can receive profit as long as you wish to keep funds on your 8bit account balance. You will get 0.05% daily from the amount present at your 8bit balance and you are free to withdraw funds anytime you want.

Investment Package
Accumulative Balance Interest
Interest, % 0.2% - 0.6% daily 0.05% daily
Duration From 1 month to 24 months Unlimited
Withdrawals are allowed At plan's expiry Anytime
Minimum Amount $20 $10


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