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How To Find a Transaction ID for BTC transfers

How to find a bitcoin transaction ID (txID)

Once you've made a bitcoin transfer from your BTC wallet to some external bitcoin address you can locate the information regarding this transaction (including amount, sender/recipient addresses, date and time of transfer) by browsing blockchain. This transfer can be identified by unique transaction ID or txID.
Sometimes recipients of your bitcoin transfers may ask you to provide this transaction ID to confirm that this payment was successful.

Locating a transaction ID

Go to https://blockchain.info/ using your internet browser. It is one of many public blockchain explorers which can be used for viewing bitcoin payments and their details. You need to enter in the 'Search' area some information specific to your transaction. We recommend start search using bitcoin address of the recipient of your transfer.
Enter his address into search area and hit 'Enter'. You will see all bitcoin transactions that involve this address, newest to oldest.

If there are extremely many transactions presented you can navigate faster using your browser's Find feature. This is usually under 'Edit > Find', or you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + F (macOS) or Control + F (Windows). Try searching by exact bitcoin amount you sent.

Hint: If you click any amount presented in this list, you can switch view mode from displaying amounts in BTC to its US dollar equivalents according to BTC exchange rate level at the time of transfer.

Once you encounter the correct transaction, its ID will be visible as a long string of letters and numbers in the grey bar above the amount, just to the left of the transaction time.

Basically transaction ID looks like this:

4a6581bbf6566599f1fff05261f894cc3fda5aa0ab6dd93944e5f482dcd13840 (Sample)

and has the corresponding address in Blockchain network:

To view the full details of the bitcoin payment, you can click this transaction ID link. You can then share this link - or just the transaction ID - with your recipient.
If you have any troubles with these instructions, feel free to contact support to request the transaction ID.


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