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TUESDAY, 2019-08-27

Exclusive Limited Deposit Bonuses Added

new bonuses

As a part of promoting new investment packages 8BIT administration has allocated a limited number of bonus deposits. There is 1000 bonus deposits available for all new investment packages except TRIAL Beta.

Promo bonuses are distributed in the following manner:


TRIAL Beta 1 Month

no bonus available for this package

PROGRESSIVE Beta 3 Months 1.5% BONUS Deposit
286 of 1000 slots
coupon PROMO19-VS9BB7
PROGRESSIVE Beta 6 Months 3.5% BONUS Deposit
317 of 1000 slots
coupon PROMO19-N95YMQ
PROGRESSIVE Beta 12 Months 7.5% BONUS Deposit
511 of 1000 slots
coupon PROMO19-YF2CQJ
PROGRESSIVE Beta 24 Months 16% BONUS Deposit
388 of 1000 slots
coupon PROMO19-7VU3D6

After all bonus slots are taken, these investment packages will offer profits at a standard progressive interest rate without bonuses.
Promo details and the number of available bonus deposit slots are available at this page:


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TUESDAY, 2019-10-15

Zero-Fee Week (October, 21 - October, 28)

Zero Fee
Dear 8bit friends and partners!

As 8bit as a platform keeps evolving, we always stay focused on the needs of our customers and listen to their feedback.

We would like to announce an unprecedented event in 8bit history - a Zero-Fee Week during which 8bit platform will pay withdrawal fee expenses for its members. You may already know that currently there are some network withdrawal fees charged by blockchain miners of various cryptocurrencies applied at 8bit. Since 8bit does not charge its customers with any fees, we thought it would be a great idea to cover withdrawal expenses for our users.

*Zero-Fee Week will take place between October, 21 and October, 28.
**No fees will be charged for all withdrawal operations made within that period.
***Zero-Fee Week will be applied for all cryptocurrencies and other payment methods supported by 8bit Ltd.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we might repeat events like Zero-Fee Week from time to time.

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THURSDAY, 2019-10-03

Referral Accruals history section Upgraded

Dear 8bit friends and partners!

We are glad to inform you that in the wake of recent update of the affiliate program we introduce new and upgraded Referral Accruals history section. Now this page contains more information and includes detailed description and statistics of user's affiliate structure and its activity. This is made primarily in order to make accruals history section more transparent and clear for our users.

Here's a brief overview of newly introduced features:

affiliate 1. First of all, referral commission statistics area has been expanded:

Now you can view total amount of referral commission you received during last 24 hrs, last week, last 30 days and total amount of commission accruals received since user's registration in 8bit.

Also now there is a separate section regarding affiliate accruals from our Telegram FREE DOGE faucet. Its statistics includes data about commission paid when your referrals registered/synced their accounts with our Telegram bot, when they have reached another level by claiming FREE DOGE and also total received stats.

Lastly, the information regarding your affiliate structure is now more precise and it shows the number of regular and advanced referrals. Regular users are those who currently do not have any active deposits and they simply receive referral accruals or claim FREE DOGE from our Telegram faucet. Advanced users are those who currently have at least one active deposit.

affiliate 2. Referral acctuals history table was upgraded as well and now it shows the following information:

- Date and time, amount of your referral commission including USD equivalent of this amount according to current exchange rate.

- Source of referral accrual which is the deposit from which your commission was deducted, the amount of deposit, its date and time and investment package's name.

- username of the referral who made the deposit you received a commission from.

- referral accruals shedule which shows the number of accruals you are about to receive including their dates, its progression (how many has been already paid and how many will be paid later).

We hope this exhaustive statistics will help our users to be more competent and effective in their investment activity.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding recent changes in Referral Accruals history section feel free to contact our Live Chat or submit tickets to our Customer Support Center.
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MONDAY, 2019-09-30

8Bit Free DOGE Faucet Updates

Dear friends!

On August 1, 2019, we launched a number of new features for the Free DOGE faucet with a particular emphasis placed on the affiliate program.
While the DOGE faucet was working in a trial mode, we have managed to optimize its algorithms and also have added detailed description of the faucet affiliate program and its terms of service.

By using our FREE DOGE faucet you can take advantage of the following faucet features:

  • ► Get rewarded whenever your friends register in/sync with 8bit Telegram bot;
  • ► Get rewarded when friends of your friends register in/sync with 8bit Telegram bot;
  • ► Receive a one-time reward for each 50 people invited to 8bit bot (25 to 5000 DOGE);
  • ► Get rewarded for FREE DOGE requests made by your friends;
  • ► Get rewarded for FREE DOGE requests made by friends of your friends;
  • ► Receive bonuses of 150 to 120000 DOGE and more whenever your friends get promoted to ADVANCED user status.
Learn All About FAUCET
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THURSDAY, 2019-08-26

Lucky33 Mini-Game in Telegram

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that LUCKY 33, a new 8bit mini-game has been launched right in Telegram.
Try your luck, bet 33 DOGE and WIN up to 310 DOGE.

How to access the LUCKY 33 mini-game?
1. Add our bot @PSEofficialBOT to your telegram and click START button
2. Click Express Registration
3. Click Mini Games and enter LUCKY 33 game
The rules of the game and the top winners rankings are available at this page:
Learn All About LUCKY 33

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TUESDAY, 2019-08-27

BIG Update of the Affiliate Program

affiliate program update

Along with implementing new investment packages 8BIT administration has updated and adjusted affiliate program. From now on referral reward size is up to 24 % and later its value may increase significantly depending on investment package chosen by referral. The longer package duration is, the higher referral reward is.

Short overview of referral reward credited for each type of investment package:

TRIAL Beta 1 Month 1% referral reward
PROGRESSIVE Beta 3 Month 3% referral reward
PROGRESSIVE Beta 6 Month 6% referral reward
PROGRESSIVE Beta 12 Month 12% referral reward
PROGRESSIVE Beta 24 Month 24% referral reward

Higher value of referral reward became possible due to gradual monthly distributed payouts of referral reward 1% monthly. Thus, on each 30th day an upline will receive 1% of referral accruals until the referral's investment package is over.
To learn more about new affiliate program visit this page:


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MONDAY, 2019-08-26

New packages launched

new plans

Dear 8bit members and partners!

On March 29, 2018 8BIT.ltd platform was started along with a '30 days BETA I' investment package. Three months later we've made some adjustments and updated it as '30 days BETA II', and then upgraded it to '30 days BETA III'. Even when working in a trial mode 8BIT platform managed to gain a significant interest among investors who decided to make large deposits. The popularity of the program was caused largely by presence of stable instant withdrawals and a vast spectre of available payment methods.

Now, using statistical data gathered throughout 1.5 years as a reference, we have developed a first series of well-balanced progressive investment packages. New packages are created for large deposits and ensure stable high profits for investors who aim for a long-term cooperation.

At start there are 5 new investment packages available with various duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. 1 month plan serves as a trial package for recently registered users who just want to learn how our platform works. The main profit is available on longer packages. Later 2 more packages will be introduced with a duration of 60 and 120 months respectively.

Profit size of progressive plans increases depending on package's duration: the longer investment period is, the higher profit is. Investment packages description is published at this page:


Clients, that have active deposits at previous package '30 days BETA III' will keep receiving all payments and the cashback of main deposit as regular. Package '30 days BETA III' is disabled for new deposits.

Please read related news:

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WEDNESDAY, 2019-08-20

USDT transactions restored

Tether deposits and withdrawals are back and now are working properly.
Earlier we have encountered all sorts of issues while working with Omni-based Tether transactions, including long transaction confirmation time and big tranaction fees.
Due to numerous user requests 8bit engineers decided to switch to using ERC20-based Tether. As a result, now we have faster payment confirmations and significantly lesser network fees.
However, switching to a different type of Tether entails few consequences for all Tether owners in 8bit:

1. [!!!ATTENTION!!!] All Omni Tether addresses have been reset on all 8bit accounts who had their Omni Tether addresses set in the account settings. It was made because Omni wallet format is not compatible with ERC20 format we are currently using.

2. All previous Tether addresses generated for deposits and refills in 8bit are no longer valid. 8bit addresses completely turned to ERC20 Tether and now generates new and different addresses.

3. New Tether transaction value limits were introduced:
Minimum refill size is $2
Minimum withdrawal size is $1
Withdrawal fee is $0.5

All USD Tether transactions are working correctly, including deposits/redills and withdrawals.
From now on all 8bit members who have active deposits in Tether or just have Tether at the account balance will receive accruals in ERC20 Tether which currently is quite widespread and accepted by many online exchanges.
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-08-14

Affiliate System Updated

From now on affiliate reward is given for deposits made from account balance using user's profits

Dear 8bit members!

There was a massive update made in our affiliate system and now it has a completely revamped algorithm.

Previously the affiliate accruals were credited on basis of a complicated calculations and they ignored completely re-investments made using funds from users' profits taken from account balance.

8bit customer officers collected lots of suggestions and requests from our users regarding their desire to be compensated for deposits made from profits and for simple reinvestments.

8bit administration takes very seriously feedback from its customers, hence some measures were taken.

Now we have a completely different approach and you actually can get affiliate reward if your referral makes deposit with any kind of funds, no matter whether they are from his e-wallet or his profits at 8bit.
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THURSDAY, 2019-08-08

Scheduled Maintenance and System Upgrade

script check icon
Dear 8bit members!

We would like to inform you that within a couple days 8bit engineers will run a system maintenance. During this period deposit and withdrawal options may become temporarily unavailable.

This maintenance is made in order to optimize the work of our system and enhance overall script performance. Thus we can achieve significant upgrade and improve user experience.
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THURSDAY, 2019-08-01

BIG 8bit Faucet Update

Last week we have implemented rewards given when your referrals register in our 8BIT Telegram bot. In one day only tens thousands users took advantage of this feature and have become our new members and their uplines have received large bonuses. Unfortunately, some users tried to abuse our system by using Tor/VPN/proxy services and disposable emails to create multiple accounts in order to get more bonuses. We would like to stress that FREE DOGE faucet was implemented as a promotional tool built for prospective 8BIT customers and is not made for bots and multis.

Within a short period of time we have done a lot in order to update and adjust our system:

● New random daily and monthly bonuses were introduced (up to 2500 DOGE)
● New one-time bonuses (25 to 5000 DOGE) are given for each 50 invited users
● A new account moderation system is implemented in order to prevent abusing 8BIT faucet with multiple accounts, Tor/VPN/proxy and disposable emails
● A new 2-level affiliate system is introduced in order to reward uplines for DOGE claiming made by its referrals
● We have restored and adjusted bonuses given for registration of your referrals in our 8bit Telegram bot
● FREE DOGE claiming now requires email confirmation
● FREE DOGE faucet terms of service and guide are expanded and updated
● A new comparison table is published with perks of Regular and Advanced faucet users
DOGEFALL feature introduced
● An option to thank a DOGEFALL initiator is added
● DOGEFALL history page added
● Top 10 biggest dogefalls page added
● Faucet progression system is extended from 10 to 36 levels

*All these features are working now in a trial mode and later may be updated and adjusted
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SATURDAY, 2019-07-13

Faucet Rewards Maintenance

We would like to thank all our members for massive interest shown regarding faucet activity updates. We are glad to see a large influx of new users.

Due to testing of new faucet functions we have encountered a big server overload that resulted in unstable behavior and slight malfunction.

In order to increase server's performance and further optimize our system we temporarily disable referral accruals for registering in 8bit Telegram bot.

Optimization process may take few days. All referral rewards that have been already credited will be paid out.

We thank all our members once again for active interest. Please follow our updates. In the nearest future we will publish info regarding new updates and the faucet affiliate program will resume working normally.
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FRIDAY, 2019-07-12

8bit Telegram Faucet Updates

Dear 8bit members and partners! Today we would like to share a couple of updates regarding our Telegram bot.

Connect to 8bit Telegram bot and get paid

Affiliate reward is given for registration in our 8bit Telegram bot and for syncing your account with 8bit Telegram bot

8bit Ltd. is the first multi-purpose investment platform that encourages members to join its official Telegram bot and pays for it with DOGE.
Simply connect to our Telegram bot and get paid. No spendings required, no credit card needed.
First you get reward for connecting to 8bit bot and then you start getting affiliate bonuses for deposits made by your referrals.

Bring new members into 8bit program in Telegram and get rewarded

For each new affiliate member brought into 8bit in Telegram you will get an affiliate bonus of 10 DOGE. And even when your direct referral will attract his referrals you will be rewarded too with 2 DOGE for each 2nd level referral! And that's not all! You will get additional super bonuses for reaching certain milestones in number of attracted affilates. For each 50 affiliates brought into 8bit Telegram you will get 50 DOGE, hence for each 100 affiliates in Telegram you get 100 DOGE, for 500 - 500 DOGE and so on.

And last, but not least. In the wake of multiple requests the minimum withdrawal size for our Telegram faucet has been lowered down to 50 DOGE. It means you don't have to wait too long in order to withdraw and use your DOGE bonuses.
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FRIDAY, 2019-07-05

Accepting Pundi X (NPXS)

Dear 8bit members! We are proud to announce that from now on you can carry any transactions at our website using Pundi X (NPSX) as a payment method.

Pundi X (NPSX) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is supported by ERC20-compatible wallets like MyEther Wallet, Ledger Wallet, and Trezor.

NPXS is tradeable on a variety of high-profile crypto exchanges, although the bulk of trading occurs on Binance. It’s also tradeable on Indodax, Hotbit, LATOKEN, Bitbns, Gate.io, Bit-Z, and more.

Pundi X has lower transaction fees than traditional credit cards.

Pundi X team is now establishing the partnership with exchange platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, fashion brands, and chain store to launch cryptocurrency payment card. For the customers who don't know how to use the mobile payment to conduct a transaction, they can buy and use cryptocurrencies with ease.

The Pundi X team behind NPXS wants to make it as easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as buying a bottle of water. And they’ve taken that approach literally by wanting to put their XPOS devices in every corner around the world.

Ever since their launch in 2017 the Singapore HQ based team has been busy bringing cryptocurrencies to the world. The cryptocurrency startup launched in Indonesia with a key aim of bringing financial inclusion to parts of the world where parts of, or the entire population is nearly unbanked today, with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And in the heart of all this lies their cryptocurrency called NPXS (formerly PXS).

Currently there are many major international supporters of NPXS, including Ebooc (Government UAE), NEM, Ubivelox, Cambodia Smart City initiative and American Chamber of Commerce Korea which consists of almost 900 member companies like; MacDonald’s, Star Bucks, Hyundai, United Airlines, Citi, Hawaiian Airlines, MetLife, Ford, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Cisco, HUB, Nike, Oracle, Kelly, Philip Morris, Hyosung, Cigna, Kim & Change, Pfizer Korea, and more.
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MONDAY, 2019-07-01

Holo (HOT) support added

Dear 8bit members! We are glad to announce that from now on 8bit accepts payments in Holo (HOT).

Holo (HOT) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform. HOT is a post blockchain technology that is decentralized as well as energy efficient. It is a peer to peer crypto without any scalability issue. It has the ability to access Internet apps without any API. Due to its persistent team supporters including Deloitte and Mozilla, it has already increased its number of users.

Holo is an upgraded version of blockchain technology which is aimed at developing the decentralized application. It is one of the most energy-efficient blockchain platforms and provides the feature of peer-to-peer transaction via Holochain which acts as a bridge between the community of distributed applications and the current centralized network.
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MONDAY, 2019-06-10

Accepting BTT

Dear 8bit members! We are glad to announce that from now on 8bit accepts payments in BitTorrent (BTT).

It is quite hard to find an internet user who haven't used, or at least, heard about BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol invented by Bram Cohen. Throughout many years this simple, yet effective technology powers the torrent clients used around the world today.

As it turns out, the same BitTorrent protocol has found another area of application, now in token-based economy with BitTorrent (BTT), a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain. BTT utilizes networking, bandwidth, and storage resources of the existing BitTorrent network, thus providing a way for network participants to capture the value of sharing bandwidth and storage.

BTT creators now are aiming for its implementation into the Windows-based µTorrent Classic client, BitTorrent’s most popular application. BitTorrent token-enabled µTorrent Classic clients will be 100% compatible with other clients that support the BitTorrent protocol thus bringing BTT technology closer to regular internet community and making it even more accessible for users from all around the web.
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-05-29

Telegram bot Multilingual update

For the past two months our free DOGE faucet launched in Telegram has become quite popular among 8bit members and even managed to attract new users to the program.

Now we are proud to announce that in addition to 6 languages available in our Telegram bot we have added 5 more languages. From now on 8bit Telegram bot is also available in Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and German.

We remind you: in order to change language of 8bit bot interface just go to 'Settings', click 'Select language' and apply the desired language.

If you don't see your language listed and you would like to help us with translation into your language, you can apply for this job. See details here: https://8bit.ltd/a/r/tgtranslate

Currently we are actively searching for volunteers for bot translation into Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Filipino, Persian and Japanese. To apply please open a ticket labeled as 'Translation job' at this page: 8bsupport.com
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MONDAY, 2019-05-27

XVG payments supported

Dear 8bit members! We are glad to announce that from now on 8bit accepts payments in XVG (Verge). It is a convenient payment method and due to its anonymous nature XVG rapidly became popular. Now XVG payments have an additional security level since they use an advanced blockchain technology built on top of services such as Tor and I2P that hides users' personal data, such as IP-addresses and geolocation.

In addition, Verge Currency is a 100% open source project.
Here you can see some benefits offered by XVG:

- Verge has a public blockchain, which allows to see coin distribution, number of users and other statistics, while keeping meta transaction data anonymous. With future implementation of RSK technology, Verge will be the first privacy-focused cryptocurrency with integrated smart contracts functionality.
- Verge transactions are fast thanks to 30 seconds blocks.
- Verge is ready for mass adoption having developed multiple wallet applications for every OS, both desktop and mobile.
- Verge is an open source project driven by dedicated development team and a strong talented community.
- Verge maximum supply is fixed and amounts to 16.5 billion coins. Such supply allows for fairer distribution, prevents market manipulation to a great extent and makes Verge suitable for regular payments.
- Verge employs multi-algorithm on its blockchain, making it possible to mine Verge with different types of mining devices.
- Verge did not have a pre-mine, nor it was an ICO.
- Wraith Protocol makes it possible to easily hide transactions in the private ledger, if necessary, while leaving an option of transacting across publicly accessible ledger for those who value transparency and keeping records.
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-05-01

Telegram bot goes Multilingual

Due to numerous demands we open a multilingual version of our Telegram bot. Currently bot is available in 6 languages: English, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

To change language of 8bit bot go to 'Settings', click 'Select language' and apply the desired language.

Our special thanks goes to our members who volunteered first to translate bot in their language.

In the nearest future we are going to add more languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and others.

If you don't see your language listed and you would like to help us with translation into your language, you can apply for this job. See details here: https://8bit.ltd/a/r/tgtranslate
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TUESDAY, 2019-03-26

8bit Celebrates 1 Year

Dear members and partners of 8bit Limited! It's been already a year since our platform entered Open Beta. A lot has been achieved and accomplished.
Today we are ready to share some statistics with you:

Check Out the Event Page

In about a year:
  • 150.000+ members have joined our platform during Open Beta period
  • 42 payment methods were added
  • an official 8bit Telegram bot has been launched
  • new security protocols were implemented for smoother user experience and data safety
  • we've run closed testings for cryptocurrency exchange rate betting and have enhanced our relationship with the audience.
Our website is constantly evolving.

Just recently 8bit.ltd has opened a Free Coins Faucet and implemented an Accumulative Weekly Interest Feature.

Customer feedback means a lot for us as we try to react to users' feedback and suggestions. New features and functions are to be implemented according to the project's roadmap in order to make 8bit.ltd the perfect place for investors and crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world.

Throughout past year many key website sections were opened, like Fee Policy, Accumulative Weekly Interest, various instructions and guides. Also a News section was implemented so the members could keep track of 8bit innovations and updates and had a better understanding how our project is evolving.

It is important to stress that all these achievements would not be possible to make without our loyal community. Taking the opportunity 8bit administration would like to thank all our active members from the following regions: Northern Europe, South Asia, Americas and Oceania.

Check Out the Event Page

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TUESDAY, 2019-03-05

Balance Interest introduced

In addition to regular money making features in 8bit you can make your money work by keeping funds on balance and getting a regular weekly increment. Simply by having over $10 at your balance in any e-currency you are rewarded with a fixed daily 0.05% interest from the that amount and these daily bonuses are credited to your account balance once a week which makes this cumulative bonus 0.35% provided your balance isn't going down throughout the week.
Please note that in order to get this bonus your account balance should be over $10 in USD equivalent for each particular e-currency. For example, if you use Perfect Money, BTC and Payeer, your balance interest is calculated separately for each payment method.

Your daily balance is assessed by our system and you are allocated certain interest every day, however the funds are credited to your balance at the end of every week.

This regular bonus is given to 8Bit users as a reward for using our system as a storage. Basically it is based on the same concept the regular banks use to express gratitude to their customers for the loyalty. Accumulative Balance Interest option is always active and it is a nice way to have an additional profit in 8bit without spending a single cent.

Earlier this feature was tested in closed mode and has proven its worth, so now it is available for all 8bit members.

To learn how it is calculated and what are the requirements to receive it, please visit our Balance Interest Guide.
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SATURDAY, 2019-02-26

Accepting ADA

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. The development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers.

Cryptocurrency name: Cardano
Ticker symbol: ADA
Official website: https://www.cardano.org/
Minimum deposit size: 650 ADA
Maximum deposit size: 21000 ADA
Minimum Refill Size: 20 ADA
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 10 ADA
Network withdrawal fee: 0.3 ADA
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SATURDAY, 2019-02-23

Accepting TRX

Tron (TRX) is a blockchain platform launched as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment ecosystem. It focuses on expanding the market of decentralized digital content applications by making it easier to create and deploy them. The Tron mainnet launched Jun 2018, and the Tronix TRX is the proprietary cryptocurrency token of the Tron blockchain.
Since Tron shows stable growth and has good projections 8bit administration decided to add TRX to the list of accepted payment methods.

Cryptocurrency name: Tron
Ticker symbol: TRX
Official website: http://tron.network/
Minimum deposit size: 1200 TRX
Maximum deposit size: 42000 TRX
Minimum Refill Size: 50 TRX
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 10 TRX
Network withdrawal fee: FREE
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-02-20

Supporting XZC

Zcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that primarily focuses on the “privacy” and “anonymity” aspects of cryptocurrency transactions. It is the first cryptocurrency that fully implemented Zerocoin protocol.
Nowadays due to its anonimity-oriented approach Zcoin looks very promising, thus 8bit administration decided to add this cryptocurrency to the list of accepted payment methods.

Cryptocurrency name: Zcoin
Ticker symbol: XZC
Official website: https://zcoin.io/
Minimum deposit size: 6 XZC
Maximum deposit size: 200 XZC
Minimum Refill Size: 0.2 XZC
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 0.1 XZC
Network withdrawal fee: 0.001 XZC
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MONDAY, 2019-02-18

QTUM added

Qtum (pronounced “Quantum”) is an open-sourced platform that merges Ethereum’s smart contract network with Bitcoin’s value transfer protocol. This hybrid model combines the best of both worlds, adding Bitcoin’s value-storing capabilities to Ethereum’s smart-contract platform.

Here is everything you need to know about using Qtum in 8bit:
Cryptocurrency name: Qtum
Ticker symbol: QTUM
Official website: https://qtum.org/en
Minimum deposit size: 15 QTUM
Maximum deposit size: 500 QTUM
Minimum Refill Size: 0.5 QTUM
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 0.1 QTUM
Network withdrawal fee: 0.005 QTUM
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THURSDAY, 2019-02-14

Accepting NEO/GAS

NEO is the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China. NEO also uses something called a Static Compilation. A Static Compilation has three main advantages:

1. Static compilation yields more powerful deployed applications.
2. Static compilation provides better intellectual property protection.
3. Static compilation achieves greatly reduced start-up cost, reduced memory usage, and easier linking with native code.

Apart from the NEO cryptocurrency, NEO has one more crypto-token called GAS (formerly know as ANC-Antcoins). The full name for GAS is NeoGas, according to the NEO whitepaper. Its the operational token that fuels the smart contracts and tokens built on the NEO blockchain. NEO uses a separate token like GAS so that ownership/management of NEO is not directly tied to the utilization of the platform.
GAS works on a unique consensus mechanism called Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT). The stakeholders designate certain nodes as bookkeepers which create blocks on its blockchain.
The network consumes fewer resources than other types of consensus as a whole, and its also more capable. With digital identity technology used with dBFT, Bookkeepers can be real people and institutions, known by name to the network.
Considering all these advantages , 8bit administration decided to add NEO and GAS as accepted payment method for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.

Cryptocurrency name: Gas
Ticker symbol: GAS
Official website: https://neo.org
Minimum deposit size: 15 GAS
Maximum deposit size: 500 GAS
Minimum Refill Size: 0.5 GAS
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 0.1 GAS
Network withdrawal fee: 0 GAS

Cryptocurrency name: NEO
Ticker symbol: NEO
Official website: https://neo.org
Minimum deposit size: 4 NEO
Maximum deposit size: 140 NEO
Minimum Refill Size: 1 NEO
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 NEO
Network withdrawal fee: 0 NEO

It is recommended to deposit such amounts as 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 NEO or any other amount that will result in a relatively insignificant decimal part (e.g. 30.005). Keep in mind while investing with NEO it is impossible to withdraw a fractional part of the amount since the NEO allows sending only integer values. However, if you have a decimal amount of NEO on your balance you still will be able to re-invest it.

Investing a small amount cannot bring you substantial profit since you won't be able to withdraw it. For example, you invest 4 NEO at our standard interest rate of 15% monthly and at the end of investment period you have 4.6 NEO at your account balance. Since NEO allows sending only integer values, you will be able to withdraw only 4 NEO which does not make any sense for investing. You can start with 7 NEO thus having 8.05 NEO as total profit and you'll get 8 NEO back to your wallet.

That's why while using NEO it is important to plan ahead what amount you would like to withdraw.

To learn more about NEO please visit THIS page.
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TUESDAY, 2019-02-12

Supporting WAVES

Waves is a global blockchain platform launched in 2016. This is a decentralized blockchain platform focused on operations with user tokens. Fiat money is entered and withdrawn in the WAVES blockchain using special gateways in accordance with the law. Try convenient and secure Waves platform solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing digital assets.

Cryptocurrency name: Waves
Ticker symbol: WAVES
Official website: https://wavesplatform.com
Minimum deposit size: 10 WAVES
Maximum deposit size: 350 WAVES
Minimum Refill Size: 0.35 WAVES
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 0.1 WAVES
Network withdrawal fee: 0.001 WAVES
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MONDAY, 2019-02-11


Minimum deposit size was adjusted
Stablecoin concept
It is rather reasonable to count on e-currencies whose exchange rate has connection to exchange rates of real fiat money. Such e-currencies are known as stablecoins. In fact, stablecoins can be considered as dollars, gold, oil and so on traded in crytpoexchanges. Naturally, against the background of other coins that do not have such a powerful base, they are much more stable. In fact, a high-quality dollar stablecoin will allow us to use the USD on cryptoexchanges. The cryptocurrencies provided with actual values can be used in everyday life, in small and medium business without fears.

Due to higher stability of said cryptocoins 8bit administration decided to add the following currencies to the list of accepted payment methods: PAX, USDC and GUSD.

Cryptocurrency name: Paxos Standard Token
Ticker symbol: PAX
Official website: https://www.paxos.com
Minimum deposit size: 50 PAX
Maximum deposit size: 1000 PAX
Minimum Refill Size: 2 PAX
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 PAX
Network withdrawal fee: 0.5 PAX

Cryptocurrency name: USD Coin
Ticker symbol: USDC
Official website: https://www.circle.com
Minimum deposit size: 50 USDC
Maximum deposit size: 1000 USDC
Minimum Refill Size: 2 USDC
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 USDC
Network withdrawal fee: 0.5 USDC

Cryptocurrency name: Gemini Dollar
Ticker symbol: GUSD
Official website: https://gemini.com
Minimum deposit size: 50 GUSD
Maximum deposit size: 1000 GUSD
Minimum Refill Size: 2 GUSD
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 GUSD
Network withdrawal fee: 0.5 GUSD
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SATURDAY, 2019-02-09

Accepting Ravencoin

Minimum deposit size was adjusted
Ravencoin [RVN]
Ravencoin is a digital peer to peer network that aims to implement a use case specific blockchain, designed to efficiently handle one specific function: the transfer of assets from one party to another. Built on a fork of the Bitcoin code, Ravencoin is a truly open source project (no ICO or masternodes). It focuses on building a useful technology, with a strong and growing community. From now on you can use RVN for all types of transactions within our platform, including deposits, withdrawals, refills etc.

Here is everything you need to know about using RVN in 8bit:
Cryptocurrency name: Ravencoin
Ticker symbol: RVN
Official website: http://ravencoin.org/
Minimum deposit size: 1500 RVN
Maximum deposit size: 100000 RVN
Minimum Refill Size: 100 RVN
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 100 RVN
Network withdrawal fee: 0.001 RVN
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-02-06

Accepting Bitcoin SV

Minimum deposit size was adjusted
Bitcoin SV [BSV]
Bitcoin SV has become known for its cheaper merchant cost, and a safer level of security. Businesses can trust the Bitcoin SV brand to provide the stability and scale they need to commit investment and resources to use the BSV blockchain. Тhat is why 8bit administration decided to add this cryptocurrency in the list of available payment methods for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.

Here is everything you need to know about using BSV in 8bit:
Cryptocurrency name: Bitcoin SV
Ticker symbol: BSV
Official website: https://bitcoinsv.io/
Minimum deposit size: 0.3 BSV
Maximum deposit size: 15 BSV
Minimum Refill Size: 0.01 BSV
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 0.01 BSV
Network withdrawal fee: 0.0001 BSV
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MONDAY, 2019-02-04

Bitcoin Diamond supported

Minimum deposit size was adjusted
Bitcoin Diamond [BCD]
Bitcoin Diamond is a global currency that you can use to purchase products from any country and have them shipped to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Boasting lower transaction fees and faster transaction confirmations comparing to other digital payments, Bitcoin Diamond is the internet’s native currency.
From now on you can use BCD for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.

Here is everything you need to know about using BCD in 8bit:
Cryptocurrency name: Bitcoin Diamond
Ticker symbol: BCD
Official website: https://www.bitcoindiamond.org
Minimum deposit size: 20 BCD
Maximum deposit size: 1500 BCD
Minimum Refill Size: 1 BCD
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 BCD
Network withdrawal fee: 0.001 BCD
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MONDAY, 2019-01-30

Telegram bot launched

Telegram bot launched
8bit team have developed a corporate 8bit Telegram bot that allows our customers to use basic system features and also has some unique options too.

We are launching an open test of this Telegram bot and all our members are welcome to take part in this testing. If you already are a 8bit registered member in order to join open test please click this link https://8bit.ltd/c/telegram and sync your 8bit account with Telegram.

You will find the detailed syncing guide on that page. In case you don't have a 8bit account you can access our bot and register in Telegram by following bot instructions.

What the 8bit Telegram bot allows you to do:
- making deposits/refills/withdrawals using Telegram bot without accessing 8bit website
- browsing account transaction history (in a reduced mode)
In addition, 8bit Telegram bot has some unique features:
- a personalized Telegram referral system that uses Telegram based referral links instead of regular web based ones
- a DOGE faucet with a progressive bonus system that rewards users for everyday visiting the bot

Join open 8bit Telegram bot testing now! Click the link below:
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-01-30

Minimum deposit size was adjusted

Minimum deposit size was adjusted
In Spring of 2018 the minimum deposit amount for cryptocurrencies was set to be ~$50. This amount was set taking into account our corporate expenses for transfers, trading and mining. Over time cryptocurrencies exchange rate has changed and the minimum deposit size in relation to USD has decreased.
Now we are running a gradual rebalancing of current deposit values for cryptocurrencies. From now on the minimum deposit size will be equal to $30. Later it might be adjusted to be equal to $50.
All active deposits credited to 30 Days Beta II plan will keep on working as usually until the end of investment period. A new 30 Days Beta III plan was introduced instead of the previous Beta II plan. It has all the same features, same interest values etc. The only thing that changed is the deposit size limits for this plan.
In addition, the order of payment methods displaying has been changed. No payment methods were removed, they have just been reorganized and reordered.
We appreciate feedback and opinion of our members. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact our Customer Support service https://8bsupport.com/index.php?a=add
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WEDNESDAY, 2019-01-23

Transaction limits adjusted

Transaction limits adjusted
Recently there was some recalculation of current transaction limits and new values were introduced for more smooth and comfortable investing. The minimum size of withdrawal and refill operations have been reduced in most cases. Also the size of network miner withdrawal fee for the most part has been reduced too. Below you can see new values for those payment methods affected by new changes. For all the rest payment methods withdrawal and refill limits as well as fees remain the same.
Please check the new transaction limits:
Payment Method Previous Value Current Value
Minimum Refill Size
TUSD 90 2
BNB 9 0.5
OMG 25 2
ZIL 2400 100
BNT 65 5
REP 9 0.15
FUN 5700 450
SNT 2400 100
ZRX 140 7
BAT 520 20
Minimum Withdrawal Size
TUSD 2 1
OMG 0.6 0.8
ZIL 60 40
REP 0.4 0.8
FUN 150 250
SNT 60 50
BAT 14 8
PAX 2 1
USDC 2 1
GUSD 2 1
Network Miner Withdrawal Fee
TUSD 1 0.5
BNB 0.1 0.08
OMG 0.3 0.4
ZIL 30 20
REP 0.2 0.4
FUN 75 120
SNT 30 25
BAT 7 4
PAX 1 0.5
USDC 1 0.5
GUSD 1 0.5
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TUESDAY, 2019-01-22

Now supporting integrated XMR addresses

Now supporting integrated XMR addresses
Recently we have implemented support of integrated Monero [XMR] addresses in addition to standard ones. This feature is quite handy for those users who previously had issues with using standard method for Monero deposits/withdrawals. Both types of XMR addresses can be set in the Account Settings.

While standard XMR transfers require using both Payment ID and address, integrated addresses can be used without a Payment ID.

From now on you can use both standard and integrated XMR addresses for deposits/refills as well as for withdrawals.

In order to use integrated addresses for investing or refills just choose alternative method at Summary page. While requesting a funds withdrawal for standard addresses you have to indicate Payment ID on a withdrawal page.
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TUESDAY, 2019-01-15

Withdrawal fee reduced for various cryptocurrencies

Withdrawal fee reduced for various cryptocurrencies
Recently new changes were introduced regarding the withdrawal fee charged by blockchain for various cryptocurrencies. The size of withdrawal fee was significantly reduced which means you pay less for withdrawal operations in 8bit.
Here are the values for the withdrawal fee:
ECC  old  current
BTC  0,0004  0.00005
LTC  0,0009  0.0005
ETH  0,0025  0.0005
BCH  0,00009  0.00001
ZEC  0,00009  0.00005
DASH  0,0019  0.00001
XMR  0.01  0.0001
BTG  0.001  0.00003
DGB  0.1  0.0005
You can always check the actual size of withdrawal fee at this page https://8bit.ltd/a/r/zerofee
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MONDAY, 2019-01-07

8bit Limited now accepting EOS (EOS)

8bit Limited now accepting EOS (EOS)
Asynchronous Smart Contract-based cryptocurrencies have proven to be secure and convenient approach to blockchain platforms. As EOS (EOS) have become one of Top 5 coins by market capitalization 8bit administration decided to add this cryptocurrency in the list of available payment methods for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.
Cryptocurrency name: EOS
Ticker symbol: EOS
Official website: https://www.eos.io/
Minimum deposit size: 10 EOS
Maximum deposit size: 400 EOS
Minimum Refill Size: 1 EOS
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 1 EOS
Network withdrawal fee: 0.05 EOS
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THURSDAY, 2019-01-03

New rules for changing e-wallet address settings in user account

New rules for changing e-wallet address settings in user account
Our system for management user information has been updated. Major changes were introduced to the account settings area. Some of our users found inconvenient the obligatory locking of withdrawal operations when they changed e-wallet address in the account settings. We have upgraded our security protocols and removed this lock. From now on you can freely change your e-wallet address without having to wait 12 hours to use it. As you change your active wallet address, you can instantly withdraw funds to that address.
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WEDNESDAY, 2018-12-26

8bit Limited now accepting Stellar (XLM)

8bit Limited now accepting Stellar (XLM)
Stellar (XLM) is a completely decentralized consensus platform. It is designed to support any type of currency. It is open-source and has 1% fixed annual inflation. All XLM transactions are pretty fast and are confirmed in 3-5 sec. From now on you can use XLM for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.
Cryptocurrency name: Stellar
Ticker symbol: XLM
Official website: https://www.stellar.org/
Minimum deposit size: 100 XLM
Maximum deposit size: 8000 XLM
Minimum Refill Size: 10 XLM
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 10 XLM
Network withdrawal fee: 0.01 XLM
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SATURDAY, 2018-12-22

8bit Limited now accepting Ripple (XRP)

8bit Limited now accepting Ripple (XRP)
Due to high speed nature of transactions within Ripple network (4 sec for payment settling) 8bit administration decided to add XRP as accepted payment method for all types of transactions within our platform, including depositing, withdrawals, refills etc.
Here is everything you need to know about using XRP in 8bit:
Cryptocurrency name: Ripple
Ticker symbol: XRP
Official website: https://ripple.com/
Minimum deposit size: 50 XRP
Maximum deposit size: 3000 XRP
Minimum Refill Size: 3 XRP
Minimum Withdrawal Size: 3 XRP
Network withdrawal fee: 0.1 XRP
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SUNDAY, 2018-11-25


Dear clients!
We updated design of our chatbox in order to offer you a better support experience. Now, messages are grouped by author and date. Also, an indicator appears when support agent is typing. We hope you will find new design more attracting and new layout easier to read and to navigate through messages.
Please contact our online support or submit a ticket at https://8bsupport.com if you have more questions.
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TUESDAY, 2018-11-20

Bitcoin Cash ABC is now accepted

Bitcoin Cash ABC is now accepted
Dear clients!
We would like to inform you that we resume receiving Bitcoin Cash after the recent fork. We decided to back up deposits of Bitcoin Cash ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap). You can make deposits and make refills in the normal mode, in same way like you used to. Deposit minimum and maximum size, as well as withdrawal fee stays the same. This payment method will be still designated as BCH.
Please pay attention that our system does not accept deposits transferred from Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi’s Vision) addresses. The funds sent from Bitcoin Cash SV addresses will be lost.
Please contact our online support or submit a ticket at https://8bsupport.com if you have more questions.
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TUESDAY, 2018-11-19

News Section

News Section
Dear clients!
News Section is now available.
By clicking link in the footer you can come to this page and read latest news about our project, about changes, scheduled maintenances and promos. Visit this page time to time to be sure you're not missing anything.
Please contact our online support or submit a ticket at https://8bsupport.com if you have more questions.
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