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Bug Bounty Program

8bit Limited offers a Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty program is a special initiative started as an additional way to involve 8bit members into the community-based activity. Whenever a user encounters a bug, glitch or any other type of error he can make his contribution into the project by alerting the support service about that. Then our technicians will promptly resolve the issue and the user who reported about that will be rewarded.

In our personal and professional life we strive for perfection. That's why we love fixing bugs. If you encounter certain glitches or bugs at our website, please send us description of the problem and how did you find it. Please keep an eye on site's functionality aspects or malfunctions, not design-related issues. We encourage you to find bugs and inform our Support Officers regarding your findings. Submit a ticket at 8bsupport.com and entitle it "Bug Report".

Depending on the importance level senders of these bug reports will be remunerated for helping to make our site better.

Start your Bug Hunt today!

ATTENTION! Do not contact the Support Service if you see a picture of an insect somewhere at our site.


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