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- 8bit Telegram Bot Functionality and Advantages
- How does a Progressive Faucet Bonus System work?

How does a Progressive Faucet Bonus System work?

Once in 24 hrs each 8bit member has the right to receive a DOGE bonus. Its size depends on few factors:
- whether a user has an active deposit or not
- what current bonus level a user has reached

In order to receive this bonus a 8bit member must request it from 8bit Telegram bot by pressing "Claim Bonus" button in Daily Bonus section.

Every day a user can receive a permanent amount of DOGE depending on whether he has an active deposit or not.
The Progressive Faucet Bonus System is divided into 10 levels, and by reaching the next level a user receives additional one-time reward.

On the first connection to the 8bit DOGE faucet 8bit member is given a welcoming bonus: 30 DOGE for a user with an active deposit and 10 DOGE for a user with no active deposits.

Then, by visiting 8bit Telegram bot every day this user can claim a permanent L1 bonus (10 DOGE for a user with an active deposit and 1 DOGE for a user with no active deposits). Claiming bonus every day is rewarded by crediting an additional Progressive Bonus for reaching certain milestone (L2-L10). Visiting our Telegram faucet many days in a row is rewarded with an additional bonus on each 10th day. Check the table below for details.

If a user skips one or more days and does not claim the bonus, his cumulative bonus for daily visiting 8bit bot is reset and gets back to L1. It is important to log into our bot every day, otherwise the milestone Progressive bonus gets cancelled, however all bonuses you have already received will stay with you and you always can start accumulating your progressive bonus again.

Telegram Bot Bonus Distribution

User has an active deposit User has no active deposits
[Welcoming one-time bonus]
First bonus on connecting to faucet
everyday permanent L1 bonus 10 DOGE 1 DOGE
L2 day 10 one-time bonus 20 DOGE 10 DOGE
L3 day 20 one-time bonus 30 DOGE 10 DOGE
L4 day 30 one-time bonus 100 DOGE 30 DOGE
L5 day 40 one-time bonus 40 DOGE 10 DOGE
L6 day 50 one-time bonus 50 DOGE 10 DOGE
L7 day 60 one-time bonus 200 DOGE 60 DOGE
L8 day 70 one-time bonus 70 DOGE 10 DOGE
L9 day 80 one-time bonus 80 DOGE 10 DOGE
L10 day 90 one-time bonus 300 DOGE 120 DOGE

Note that upon receiving additional milestone bonus on each 10th day a user still receives his regular permanent bonus too.

However, it does not mean that in order to get a L10 maximum bonus one has to have active deposits throughout all 90 days. You can have no deposits during days 1-89. Then you can make a deposit on day 89. Then, on the next day, which is 90th of faucet bonuses, you can receive L10 bonus of 300 DOGE for an active deposit.

8bit Telegram Bot Functionality and Advantages

Take Full Advantage of all perks provided by Telegram syncing. Instantly get full access to the bot functionality, which includes:

I. Additional Ways to Make Profit

Receive free coins from our corporate crypto faucet using our Progressive Faucet Bonus System
Get news regarding current and upcoming promotions

II. Investment activity

Make deposits directly from Telegram
Refill account balance directly from Telegram
Withdraw funds directly from Telegram
Browse your transaction history (in a reduced mode, only last 10 entries are shown)
You don't have to wait massive images/scripts to load on our site (especially when having a slow internet connection)
Share your Telegram referral link and join affiliate program
Configure your account and set your e-wallet addresses

III. Company News, System Notifications and Support

Receive transaction confirmations, for instance, regarding crediting your deposit or referral commission
Receive news on implementing new functions on site or adding support of new payment method and other system updates
Access your account settings and transaction history
Get in touch with 8bit live support directly from Telegram


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